How to Choose Wedding Guests Dress

The summer season is upon us, and for many, wedding invitations have landed on the doormat, and the panic has started: ‘what shall I wear?’


 Wedding Guest Dresses
Wedding Guest Dresses


The first thing you should do is dig out the wedding invitation that you were sent, or take a look at the couple’s wedding website and see if a dress code was mentioned in the print. A well thought-out wedding invitation should mention whether attire should be black-tie, semi-formal or day wear.


Well, you could first try to tell yourself that you need to give it time. Suitable dresses are not that easy to find as it is; when you’re looking for something specific for a wedding, it can only get harder. To make sure that you don’t get fed up and just accept whatever dress they give you that they probably made out of left over curtain material, give the shopping process at least three months before the wedding.


If you are short or overly skinny, then you should always choose a dress in a block color or with a small print when opting for a patterned dress. Conversely, if tall or overweight opt for a larger print (avoiding horizontal lines if overweight).


To pull off an elegant look, choose a block color that suits your coloring. Remember at a summer wedding that it is better to wear bright colors – darker colors carry a morbid sort of air at a wedding.


Remember to bring all the accessories with you that accompany your outfit. These may include tights, stockings, black socks, black shoes, matching handbag and a strapless bra.

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